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Friday, August 15, 2014

Bolster Your Alexa Rank with Article Directories #SEOAdsense

Bolster Your Alexa Rank with Article Directories #SEOAdsense

Article Marketing, in short, is a way to divert traffic to your website or weblog. Because the Internet is probably saturated with similar sites for whatever popular subject in which you either have expertise, or merely choose to blog about, simply publishing your site isn't going to be enough to attract a lot of visitors; they'll never see it.

With the literally hundreds of millions to billions of web-pages available, your website is less like a needle in a haystack (which is, after all, easy to find with a magnet), and more like a particular strand of hay in a haystack. The tools you use in cyberspace, instead of an electromagnet, are techniques that raise the profile of your site by reducing your Alexa ranking (which starts out very high in the tens-of-millions) and raising your Google PAge rank from 1-10.

What article marketing does is basically make your strand of hay stand out from the rest. The contact and/or website hyperlinks within the article (usually these wouldn't be in the actual article body, but in the accompanying resource box below the body) enables readers to click on them in order to actually visit your website. These days, it's getting better and better for your Alexa and general SEO to try and include a relevant hypelink within the body of the article - because then the article is much less likely to be mistaken for spam by Google's filters. It's all in the name of making the web a better place - for Google's advertisers and consumers.

Furthermore, the search engines also value the site; depending on the status of the article directory, a link to a prominent one can cause your website to get ranked more highly in the SERPs (search engine results pages) very quickly.

For a business that is selling a product, the first benefit of article directories is good; the second is simply beautiful. Besides the direct traffic from the article directory itself, having the website for your business venture go from page 10 of the SERPs to page 2 or 1 can cause your monthly sales to become your weekly or even daily sales, because the traffic increases dramatically.

The major advantages of internet article marketing over traditional, pre-internet article marketing are the ease with which the former can be done, reaching people all over the world from the comfort of your desk; and, search engines bringing your site up through the ranks as a result of the prestigious article directory into which you were accepted. Writing good content is absolutely crucial in not only getting an audience, but holding onto one.

After all, if your article sucks, why would anyone (or “many ones") follow it back to your website? This metric is measured by Alexa rank, so it's worth it to pay attention. And yes; it matters. I've seen articles that were truly laughable, they were so poorly scrambled-together. Even though I was able to discern that the product the article was pitching was something that I needed, I looked elsewhere for it, simply because the article didn't exude quality. It is a safe assumption that most people react the same way, and the statistics bear this out.

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