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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tips On How To Rescue Your Blog From Extinction #SEOAdsense

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Tips On How To Rescue Your Blog From Extinction

According to a survey, 65% of all business blogs on the Internet haven’t been updated for over a year, which means that many of them are dead or at the brink of extinction. Clearly, blogs come and go. And while maintaining one is proving to be more difficult than before, it’s a vital element in search engine optimization services as the need for a constant stream of fresh content become more and more non-negotiable.

Is your business blog one of the hundreds of blogs that are critical and almost dead? Here’s the thing: don’t abandon it yet. Here are 10 tips that you can try to resuscitate your struggling blog.

Get Out of Your Fantasy and Blog

When a business blog goes downhill, even the best social media agency can freeze and excessively fantasize about the great things that could have happened, but unfortunately, did not. Well, guess what? It’s not yet too late to turn these fantasies into a reality. So, stop fantasizing about your dream blog and start working to actually make it happen.

Bolster Your Writing Skills

To a large extent, the potential of a blog lies on the power of the written words. Before you even use blogging as one of your arsenals in terms of search engine optimization services, strengthen your blog writing skills first. With hundreds of other blogs out there talking about the same topics that you are, an average writing skill won’t cut it.

Create a Content Calendar

Most bloggers stay away from content planning, using the age-old excuse that creative people such as writers are not really good in terms of this competency. Unfortunately for you, business blogging has become so competitive that the “whatever comes to mind” approach is rendered passé. Even the most seasoned social media agency needs a robust content schedule and a strategy on how to create each piece of content. This will lessen the chances of having a “writer’s block,” which, for most experts is just a lame excuse of those who did not plan their content ahead of time.

Go Beyond Your Blog

Search engine optimization services dictate that one of the determinant whether a blog will generate a strong following or not is the authority of the author. You can do this by stepping beyond your blog and leveraging on an already established credibility of another blog with a huge following. Keep a circle of these other blogs and every once in a while, reach out to them ask if you could submit a guest blog post. It’s free content for them and free inbound links for your blog.

Mine as Many Email Addresses as You Can

There are many junctures wherein different forms of search engine optimization services intersect and blogging and email marketing are two of them. If you really want to have a solid database of subscribers, you have to make sure that you have a way to reach them constantly to inform them of new posts and other events happening in your blog. With that being said, you have to build your email database as soon as you can.

If you think your blog is already grasping your breath, don’t euthanize it. Remember, a blog is not dead until you decide that it is.

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  2. useful tips! I have a blog that I'm planning to "ressurect" soon and I'll apply these tips on those blogs.

  3. This is a great read! Gives bloggers and website owners like me very useful pointers. Kudos to the author!

  4. i always believe that being a writer and wanting to write suggest different ideas, whether or not you are writing for business or out of your personal "want," writing must come from the heart and soul. writer's block is normal, in fact, even when you plan something, there will really come a time when you would find it difficult to start it, and that itself is the "block" which is good, because the next big idea may just come along.

  5. These tips are quite helpful, I am very grateful that you posted a marvelous article about blogging! ♥♥♥

  6. this is perfect for me.. I am currently reviving my music blog.. and these tips are really helpful! :)

  7. I guess one key element for a successful blog is consistency and interesting contents.

  8. Good tips you have here. I remember when I start to blog I don't think about this, and I understand if I want my site to stay longer in this blogosphere I have to do something to make it stick.

  9. Becoming irrelevant is one of the worst nightmare of bloggers and writers. And although most bloggers post updates based on what's paid or earn more earn from, blogging should always be about the passion for writing.

  10. nice tips! some of my blogs are almost dead.. and only breathe paid post :( sometimes, handling too many blogs can be really draining.

  11. I have so many blog sites. Three sites are active and the other 40+ sites are inactive. I still have time to post something in my inactive sites but I am more focus with my 3 owned domain sites.


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