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Friday, March 16, 2012

How To Monitor and Manage Search Engine Results

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Keeping track of where your website ranks on Google for important keywords and keyword phrases can be a full time job. Although many tools exist for monitoring search engine position, properly evaluating SEO performance requires a disciplined approach.

There are a variety of ways to measure search engine rankings for your website. Popular website tools like SEO Elite and Web CEO include search engine ranking tools that can track where your site ranks for identified keywords. But what if you don’t own SEO software?

To evaluate search engine rankings, you simply need a means of measuring rankings on a regular basis. Follow these simple guidelines:

Create and maintain a spreadsheet of your rankings. Having a document that you continually update can help you see weekly changes as well as trends over time. Be sure to keep it updated at least once a week so that you are always aware of how you rank for keywords and keyword phrases you are watching.

You can choose your keyword list based on the keyword phrases you’ve selected as important, those your competitors rank well for, or individual phrases identified by SEO software. If you want to get a jump start, you can identify which keyword phrases your site is ranked for in the top 20 on Google using This tool provides a listing of which keyword phrases your site ranks within the top 20 Google search results for and can be a great tool to identify your competitor’s keyword rankings.

Record changes in search engine result placements simply by entering each keyword term in to Google or using SEO software. You can also find free tools online to report your rankings like CleverStat or

Continue to make changes, build links, and record your results. This step will never be completed but rather is an ongoing process. You should strive to become number one on all your SERPs and get so far ahead that none of your competitors will be able to compete. This requires constant and never ending consideration to building links and creating more and more reasons for other sites to link to you.

Consider reciprocal linking, link acquisition, as well as adding free tools to your website, valuable content, and helpful downloads. Access to these tools is ideal if you want to attract links to your website. Once you’ve added these valuable tools, make sure to let others know that they exist. Consider a free press release, email campaign or promotion.

Expand your keyword list. As you improve your overall rankings on major search engines, consider adding other keywords phrases that may be relevant to your website, products or services. Focusing on an expanded keyword list can result in more traffic and broader appeal.

Monitoring and managing your search engine rankings, especially on Google is necessary if you wish to increase the organic traffic to your website. This begins with basic monitoring and evaluation of your rankings on key search engines. Once you’ve developed your spreadsheet, update your rankings each week with free tools or SEO software.

Continue to focus on your rankings and developing inbound links through free tools and resources on your site as well as proactive link requests. Over time, as you improve your rakings for key terms and phrases, expand your list. Improving your rankings is a never ending process, but an important one. Stay the course and you’ll experience the results you’re looking for.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I do believe that having a spreadsheet for tracking the rankings and other details is a must-follow step. :)

  2. I could never grasp the better way to benefit SEO. MY blogs rank seems to come and go.

  3. I never had patience with all these SEO stuff but i think it's worth giving it an effort.

  4. I'm not so keen with SEO. I find it too technical. I just blog and try to use the right keywords that fit my articles. I just try to stick with proper usage of tags and keywords for better SEO. If I understood the whole concept of SEO though. :)

  5. I still don't understand a lot about SEO but I am trying to get a grasp of its basics. My pageranks have remained the same all these years, I guess that's an indication that my SEO is not woking, lol!

  6. To tell you frankly sir Fernan, I am no good at this SEO thing. Wala akong pasensya na i-monitor.

  7. Nice share! I actually am an amateur when it comes to SEO stuff so articles like this is always something that I can learn from.

  8. SEO was such a far-fetched topic for me until I began blogging. Initially, I had nosebleeds because it was way too far from what I studied in college (nursing). But I eventually understood some simple ideas like page ranks and etc.

  9. Actually, I had no idea that what I'm doing right now is SEO related. What I know is just link building and it's actually an SEO thing.. :D

    But keywords are really important for SEO..

  10. I really want to learn more about SEO. I have been reading here and there and implementing them bit by bit but with these info you shared there's a lot more I can improve on, thanks!

  11. These are some great tips kuya!

  12. Thanks for the tips! I really coulsd use this!

  13. SEO seems to be a complicated topic so I am sometimes tempted to just let it be and simply write to my heart's content.


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